Thursday, August 23, 2012

TK Orchards

TK Orchards, 23513 NE Boones Ferry Rd, Aurora has Veteran peaches that are ready.  Just turn west onto Arndt Road from the Hubbard Cut Off and then turn north onto Boones Ferry immediately after the I-5 underpass, there are signs too.  Their U-pick is $0.80 a pound.  I understand that you can also take culls from the ground for free as long as you take less than the amount you picked and paid for.  I am going there tomorrow to check it out.  Anyone else get this great deal?  Their hours are listed on their Facebook page and they update it often with the varieties that are ready to be picked.  They also have peaches that are picked if you'd rather just swing by and grab some. 

UPDATE 8/24/12
I went today and it's true!  You can glean for free as long as they are a lesser weight than the u-pick that you pay for.  

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