Monday, April 29, 2013

Ward Potluck and Board Games Night

Ward Family,
On Friday, May 10th, Provident Living is hosting a potluck and games night at our building from 6:30 to 9pm.  Please bring a dish or two to share (no chips or store bought desserts).  Dishes could be something from your food storage, a new recipe you want to try, or a family favorite.  We aren't picky.  If you bring friends, bring enough food for them too.  We'll provide the plates, etc. and water to drink.  I'm thinking of making a yummy lentil dish that my family loves, is easy to make, and comes from my food storage.  My girls will probably make a dessert too.  I haven't decided what game to bring yet, come and you'll find out.  We hope to see you there!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Ward Family,
I know that a few of you wanted items from the cannery.  I am going out again next Thursday and would gladly take any orders that you might have.  Please let me know before Thursday, Thanks!

Cannery Order Form

I also was able to find out how many cans one of the bulk bags will fill. The can totals are approximate.

Black Beans 25# =  4 cans
Pinto Beans 25# = 5 cans
White Beans 25# = 5 cans
Milk 25# = 6 cans
Rice 25# = 4 cans
Sugar 25# = 4 cans
White Wheat 25# = 4 cans
Red Wheat 25# = 4 cans
Apple Slices 15# = 11-13 cans
Carrots 25# = 10 cans
Macaroni 20# = 6 cans
Quick Oats 25# = 9 cans
Regular Oats 25# = 8 cans
Onions 35# = 12 cans
Potato Flakes 25# = 12 cans
Spaghetti 25# = 5 cans
Refried Beans 25# = 10 cans
Cocoa 25# = 4 cans
Flour 25# = 5 cans
Fruit Drink Mix ??? I didn't see the conversion for this.  I would guess 4 cans per 25#
Potato Pearls come in 28 oz. bags
Pancake/Waffle Mix comes in 64 oz. bags

Dale Graff Additional Items Available

Dale Graff has some additional items for his order next week.

#1 Organic Fuji appples - $40 for a 36 lb. box ($1.11/lb)
Potatoes, Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Beets, Rhubarb - Conventionally grown
(New lower price) #1 Russet Potatoes - 50 lb (50 Count) box for $18 ($0.36/lb)

#1 Red Potatoes - 50 lb box for $25 ($0.50/lb)
Baby Red Potatoes (approx. 1 in diameter) - 50 lb. box for $42 ($0.84/lb)
#2 Red Potatoes - 50 lb. bag for $20 ($0.40/lb)

#1 Yellow Potatoes - 50 lb. box for $36 ($0.72/lb)
Baby Yellow Potatoes - (approx. 1 in. diamater) - 50 lb. box for $50 ($1.00/lb)
(New lower price) #1 Orange Yams - 40 lb box for $33 ($0.83/lb)
Orange Yams - medium size - 40 lb. box for $25 ($0.63/lb)
#1 Red Diane Yams - 40 lb. box for $33 ($0.83/lb)
Sweet Potatoes - medium size - 40 lb. box for $25 ($0.63/lb)

Yellow storage onions (jumbo) - 50 lb. bag for $25 ($0.50/lb)

Pickling Beets - 25 lb. box for $22 ($0.88/lb)

Rhubarb - First of the season and price will go lower soon - 20 lb. box for $35 ($1.75/lb)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ward Cannery 4/18/2013

Ward Members,
We have a Ward cannery date this Thursday from 7-9 p.m.  If you need another form, click here.  Sister Sterner would like you to send her a quick email of what you'd like as well so she can make sure we have enough for everyone.  Her email is  If you need something, but are unable to go, please get your form and check to me beforehand.  I will make sure you get your items back with a receipt.  Thanks! 

Dale Graff 4/27/2013

Deer Island Farms

I will have fresh Yakima asparagus, cold storage apples, yams and potatoes available for delivery Saturday, April 27.  The asparagus grower is in the process of becoming a certified organic grower and has used no herbicides or pesticides on this planting of asparagus which is now two years old.  The asparagus will be very fresh since it will have been harvested in the morning the day before delivery.

New delivery location - Aloha

For those of you in the Aloha/Hillsboro area, I am adding a new delivery location in the parking lot of the movie theater that is at SW 234th and TV Highway.  This is probably closer to Hillsboro than Aloha but I am going to refer to it as the Aloha delivery location.

Order deadline will be Wednesday, April 24 at 5:00 p.m.

Dale Graff
Deer Island Farms

Asparagus loose   
Jersey Crown variety. 
10 lbs. for $16.00 ($1.60/lb)
20 lbs. for $30 ($1.50/lb)  
honeycrisp apple 
Honeycrisp Apples - Tray pack
I have been able to get some more honeycrisp apples.  The quantity is limited and they will be on the small side (113 to 125 apples to the box - the standard size apple is 88 apples to the box).  Tray pack means that the layers of apples will be separated with cardboard trays to prevent bruising.
34 lb. box for $32 ($0.94/lb)
Cold Storage apples. These are conventionally grown apples. They are #1 grade and have been sorted by size and washed and waxed with Carnauba wax to keep them from getting wrinkly in cold storage.
Honeycrisp - 34 lb. tray pack - $32 ($0.94/lb)
Pink Lady - 34 lb. tray pack - $30 ($0.88/lb)
Fuji - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.74/lb)
Jonagold - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.74/lb)
Braeburn - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.74/lb)
Cameo - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.74/lb)
Granny Smith - 34 lb tray pack - $27 ($0.79/lb)
Extra Fancy Golden Delicious - 34 lb. tray pack - $27 ($0.79/lb)
Red Delicious - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.74/lb)
Gala - 34 lb. (Uncertain whether loose or tray) - $28 ($0.82/lb)
Combination - 34 lb. tray pack Fuji, Jonagold, Braeburn, Cameo - $27 ($0.79/lb)

Potatoes, Yams - Conventionally grown
#1 Russet Potatoes - 50 lb (50 Count) box for $22 ($0.44/lb)
#1 Orange Yams - 40 lb box for $35 ($0.88/lb) Yam orders are due by midnight on Tuesday, April 23.

Saturday's Delivery Schedule
Troutdale. Factory Outlet Mall. 6:45 a.m.,
Vancouver. Vancouver Mall. 7:30 a.m.,
Hollywood. NE 40th and Halsey. 8:15 a.m.,
Sellwood. South end of West Moreland Park. 8:45 a.m.,
Happy Valley. Eastside Church. 140th and Sunnyside. 9:30 a.m.
Oregon City. Oregon Trail Museum. 10:30 a.m.,
Tualatin. K-Mart. 11:30 a.m.,
Beaverton. Canyon and 217 Home Depot. 12:30 p.m.,
Aloha. Movie Theater at SW 234th and TV Hwy. 1:30 p.m.,
Hillsboro. Fred Meyer at Cornelius Pass and Hwy 26. 2:30 p.m.,
Scappoose. Scappoose High School. 3:30 p.m.,
St Helens. High School. 4:00 p.m.,
Rainier. Rainier Park. 5:00 p.m.,
Longview. Mark Morris HS. 5:30 p.m.,
Kalama. River Road exit Park and Ride. 6:15 p.m.
Woodland. Safeway parking lot between pump island and store. 6:45 p.m.