Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dale Graff Delivery 12/29/12

Brother Graff is making a delivery of apples, potatoes, onions, and yams the Saturday after Christmas.  If you are interested, his email and phone number are listed at the end of his message.

I will have apples, potatoes, onions and possibly yams available for delivery Saturday, December 29.  Contact me if you are interested in yams and hopefully I will have the details for you.  Order deadline will be Wednesday, December 26 at 3:00 p.m. 
The next delivery date will be January 26.  Everything but honeycrisp apples should still be available on that date.
Thank you and have a merry Christmas,
Dale Graff
Deer Island Farms
Field pack apples. These are fresh picked apples that are conventionally grown.  They have not been coated with wax.
Pink Lady - 20 lb. box for $20
Fuji - 20 lb. box for $18
Cold Storage apples.  These are conventionally grown apples.  They are #1 grade and have been sorted by size and washed and waxed with Carnauba wax to keep them from getting wrinkly in cold storage.
Honeycrisp - 34 lb. tray pack - $32 ($0.94/lb.)
Honeycrisp - 36 lb. loose pack - $25 ($0.69/lb)
Pink Lady - 34 lb. tray pack - $32 ($0.94/lb)
Fuji - $34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.69/lb)
Jonagold - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.69/lb)
Braeburn - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.69/lb)
Cameo - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.69/lb)
Granny Smith - 34 lb tray pack - $25 ($0.69/lb)
Extra Fancy Golden Delicious - 34 lb. tray pack - $27 ($0.79/lb)
Red Delicious - 34 lb. tray pack - $25 ($0.69/lb)
Onions, Potatoes, Yams - Conventionally grown
#1 Spanish Sweet Onions - 50 lb bag for $20 ($0.40/lb)
#1 Russet Potatoes - 50 lb (50 Count) box for $20 ($0.40/lb)
#1 Orange Yams - Send me an email and I will get back to you with the price, etc.
Saturday's Delivery Schedule
Troutdale. Factory Outlet Mall. 7:00 a.m.,
Vancouver. Vancouver Mall. 7:30 a.m.,
Hollywood. NE 40th and Halsey. 8:15 a.m.,
Sellwood. South end of West Moreland Park. 8:45 a.m.,
Happy Valley. Eastridge Church at SE 142nd and Sunnyside. 9:30 a.m.,
Oregon City. Oregon Trail Museum.10:30 a.m.,
Tualatin. K-Mart. 11:30 a.m.,
Beaverton. Canyon and 217 Home Depot 12:30 p.m.,
Hillsboro. Fred Meyer at Cornelius Pass and Hwy 26. 1:30 p.m.,
Scappoose. Scappoose High School. 2:30 p.m.,
St Helens. High School. 3:00 p.m.,
Rainier. Rainier Park. 4:00 p.m.,
Longview. Mark Morris HS. 4:30 p.m.,
Kalama. River Road Park and Ride (pending sufficient orders) 5:00 p.m.
Woodland.  Safeway parking lot between pump island and store (pending sufficient orders) 5:45 p.m.