Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bulk Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

I ordered this toilet paper a few years back and really liked it.  It isn't super soft with lots of fluff filler like a Charmin type paper, nor is it a scratchy bargain type.  It's somewhere in between.  If you are interested in ordering, please let Scott Foster know.  Here's his original email.  I ordered some and would be happy to coordinate picking it up.

Prepare now everyone:

In connection with a friend of mine in the janitorial business, we would like to offer an opportunity to buy bulk toilet paper and paper towels.  The details are as follows:
Toilet paper               -                $ 50.00 per case (96 rolls per case)  2-ply, very soft in my opinion.  We have done this before with nothing but positive  comments on price and softness.
Paper towels              -               $ 28.00 per case (30 rolls of 80 sheets or 24 rolls of 110 sheets - depending on stock)
Please let me know if you are interested.  The estimated pick up date is Thursday June 27th on the west side.  I have a location in mind on Beaverton Hillsdale highway but need to confirm that it is o.k. to use it.  If interested, please respond with your name, phone number, and quantity of each product desired.  We only need a couple of days to prepare the order.  I will need checks mailed to 2711 se laurel St.  Portland, Oregon, 97267.    The checks  will need to be made out to me (Scott or Lucinda Foster) so that I can write one check for the entire order.  There is zero mark-up on this order.  I would ask that checks arrive at the above address no later than Wednesday, June 26th
Please let me know what questions you may have! (preferably by email.)
Scott Foster

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